About Us

But please contact us anyway!

Our group is an interdisciplinary affiliation of professionals and firms working in many fields

Planning, architecture, landscape architecture, exhibit design, interpretive planning, economic planning, environmental assessment, engineering, transportation planning, publications, design and production, web based products, American history, archaeology, historic preservation and adaptive reuse and cultural studies


We assemble our specialists into teams tailored to the specific needs of the National Park Service

Heritage Partners specializes in the creation, nurturing and management of public-private partnerships. We become part of the Park Service team to build constituencies to support park sites, encourage and manage public involvement and implement park programs.  Catherine Barner, founder, and Bruce Jacobson, Senior Consultant will help determine the best approach to your particular park need in the areas of planning, design and communication.

Contact Cathie Barner

Visit Bruce Jacobson’s web site

Check out samples of our work in the PROJECTS section of this site


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